Why Every Family Is Jacked Up & Dysfunctional

1.     Every family is less than perfect.

We have interacted with thousands of volunteers at Community First! (CF!) over the past 6 months.  Recently, one of the CF! volunteers, a multi-millionaire CEO leading a large global company, privately shared, “I have a family and everything money can buy, but I am empty and impoverished.”  His time at CF! working alongside the disabled, chronically homeless opened his eyes to begin seeking the answer to this life-transforming question:  “What if poverty isn’t about a lack of food, money, or clothing?”  This CEO experienced a caring, supportive (imperfect) community and learned the liberating lesson that doing life alongside the under resourced in relationship is far more significant than providing a temporary handout. 


2.     The disabled, chronically homeless are painfully aware of their imperfections.

This prayer wall is set up in a micro-chapel at CF! 


The prayer wall brings to life the vision of why Mobile Loaves & Fishes strongly advocates their vision:  empowering communities into a lifestyle of service alongside the homeless.

Each one of the people on the prayer wall has one thing in common:  the profound, catastrophic loss of family.  They are disarmingly honest about their struggles.  No pretense.  No fake smiles.   As we are building Community First! (and preparing to move in 200+ disabled, chronically homeless) we look forward to seeing how God uses this raw, refreshing authenticity.

Please pray for our friends Charles and Bill (pictured below) and hundreds of others who are interested in moving into Community First! Village.


 3.     The church is called the “family of God” … NOT the perfect family of God.

We are asking God to go before us in creating a life-giving model of spiritual growth that launches a wave of dynamic Christ followers from Community First! and beyond.  One of the models that we are observing and learning from is in Waco at The Church Under The Bridge.  This diverse community attempts to avoid denominational, cultural, economic, or racial distinctions.  They are committed to being a church, integrated with a worthy mission, to the revealed truth of God manifest through the Scripture, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, and confirmed by the Body of Christ.  It is a unique picture of the family of God.

Please join us for a vision trip to Waco to experience Church Under The Bridge on Sunday morning, October 18.  Please RSVP (see RSVP link below) so that we can plan accordingly.