No Perfect People Allowed

The Gathering helps imperfect people find and follow Christ.  We are a unique expression of the church.  We welcome everyone … the broken and the together … the over employed, the under employed and the unemployable … the incompetent and the over qualified … the addicted, the divorced, the abandoned and the widowed … the immoral and the moral … the filthy and the filthy rich … those who are a “model citizen” and those who are a mess. We span the spectrum of spiritual backgrounds … from the churched and de-churched to the unchurched.  

Put simply, The Gathering is a Christ-centered mission at Community First! Village that avoids denominational, cultural, economic, or racial distinction.  

We strive to be faith-based, not faith-biased. Our aim is to be a unique multi-cultural expression of the greater body of Christ. We believe that we should seek unity in the theological essentials (primary issues), liberty in the theological non-essentials (secondary issues) and charity (grace) in all things.  

The Gathering desires to create 3 ministry environments:

1).  KNOW (helping people know Christ personally) … believing everyone matters to God 

2).  GROW (helping people grow in Christ spiritually) … aiming for progress, not perfection

3).  SERVE (helping people serve people and advance God’s kingdom passionately) … advocating the thinking that it is not about you.

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The Gathering is volunteer led.  Please join our team (see above) in helping imperfect people find and follow Christ. Serve opportunities are for individuals, groups and families.Volunteer HERE.


We are 100% donor-funded through generous, tax-deductible contributions. To invest and grow the mission of The Gathering click HERE.