Serving Up Goodness

The Lord God took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden to cultivate and care for it.

(Genesis 2:15)

One of the many miracles of Community First! is watching the transformation take place from homelessness to home and from receiver to giver. It is similar to the progressive unfolding of Genesis 2:15. Our friends are lifted off the streets. They begin to settle. They then begin to cultivate their God-given gifts and talents. They begin to care for more than themselves.

Click on the video above for the story that unfolded this past weekend, when the generosity of Austin Ridge Bible Church empowered the team at Community First! Village to serve over 500 under-resourced students and parents in the Manor ISD as part of our annual "Back to School Bash."

Here are some additional photos from the event.



  • That God would open doors (hearts) to empower more neighbors at CF! with the desire to serve and bless others.

  • For Godly wisdom to grow our mission as we prepare to open Phase 2 at Community First! (including the opportunity to minister to an additional 300 neighbors being lifted off the streets).

  • That God would provide The Gathering more laborers, volunteers , partners, prayers, investors and and opportunities to advance the Good News of Jesus.

  • Also, thank God for the donors, supporters, and investors who were part of our annual Back to School Bash on Saturday, August 10th. We are beyond grateful for the ways the Lord meets our needs to mobilize folks to serve Christ.


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